The annual report highlights the firm’s exceptional performance in a challenging year and its increased global reach with two more office openings

As Claudio Aguirre and Rolf Wickenkamp highlight in their letter in this year’s annual report, in 2022 AltamarCAM was fully integrated as one team to fully serve our broad client base, and at the same time the firm has extended its reach by opening offices in London and Munich, in a year in which AltamarCAM has shown strong resilience despite challenges such as uncertain economic conditions and changing monetary policies. The report presents insights that highlight that a strong client focus is at the heart of our strategy and that serving our clients exceptionally well will both strengthen our franchise and deliver solid performance and returns to our investors. In his letter, José Luis Molina outlines four key achievements for 2022: delivering exceptional performance by effectively adapting to market challenges, outperforming public market benchmarks across asset classes, raising significant additional capital, and demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability and ESG criteria.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of AltamarCAM’s product portfolio and performance, highlighting its international expertise as a provider of private market solutions. It covers a range of investments across six asset classes and provides insights into market trends and key performance indicators for each class, with approximately €17.9 billion of capital committed by international investors. The report also covers AltamarCAM’s advisory and third-party distribution businesses and discusses its ongoing digital transformation to improve client experience and operational efficiency.

In addition, the report provides information on the company’s leadership team, which includes investments, investor relations (IR), client solutions and organisational functions. It concludes by highlighting the firm’s Investing in the Future approach, which is characterised by two distinct strategies. Firstly, the firm actively participates in philanthropic initiatives through its Foundation, aiming to have a positive impact on society beyond its role as an investor. The second is to highlight AltamarCAM’s unwavering commitment to ESG policies, including the forthcoming publication of its first ESG report.