Our Clients

Our aim is to earn the trust of our customers creating a long-term, solid partnership, that allows us to understand their needs and objectives in depth.

Our Global Client Services (GCS) team, composed of experienced Relationship Managers (RMs), has developed an investor relations program with excellent technical and human resources. Our primary objective is to provide an integrated, tailor-made service to each investor based on trust, transparency, commitment and alignment of interests.

We believe in personalized and flexible portfolio models. Every investor has their own goals and aspirations, so we tailor our investment programs to meet their individual needs. We develop unique, high value-added strategies and solutions to generate the best returns while maintaining our focus on capital preservation and risk mitigation.

Types of Customer

  • Institutions
  • Family Offices
  • Private Wealth
We have gained the trust of and worked closely with market-leading insurance companies, pension funds and asset managers.

Our mission is to preserve our investors´ capital, give them access to the best products and offer them clear and, upon request, customised reporting. We also give them guidance on the most efficient structures in order to allow them to meet their private market investment goals.

About 50% of the assets under management come from more than 250 institutional investors in Europe and Latin America with very high re-up rates in successor funds.

AltamarCAM has developed longstanding relationships with its Family Office client base over 20 years, helping them to reach their investment goals.

At AltamarCAM, we seek a deep understanding of the needs and objectives of the Family Offices we partner with, providing them with customised solutions. We also offer our clients an intuitive platform that gives them access to the best Private Assets Solutions.

Family Office clients represent ca. 20% of our assets under management and we work with more than 300 Family Offices across Europe and Latin America.

Our Private Wealth program has given High Net Worth Individuals, directly or via Private Banks and Multi Family Offices, the opportunity to access differentiated investment opportunities in private markets.

Our goal is to help our individual clients unlock differentiated opportunities beyond traditional assets. AltamarCAM offers different fund programs focused on capital preservation, with optimized diversification and strong portfolio construction.

We have more than 12,000 high net worth investors who invest in different types of private assets directly or via their private wealth managers. Approximately 30% of our assets under management come from this client group.