A priority within

PRI Score of A+ 

Max rating achieved in all PRI Transparency Report categories

PRI Score of A

Systematic ESG risk assessment based on proprietary ESG questionnaires, scoring model and ESG exclusion list

ESG Committee & Working Group

Definition of the Annual ESG Action Plan and monitoring of compliance

ESG Committee & Working Group & Dedicated ESG Officer

Continuous monitoring of ESG compliance, implementation of Annual ESG Action Plan including regular team trainings

Compulsory ESG training for all employees

Continuous engagement with employees in ESG matters

In-house developed ESG scoring model

Bottom-up ESG analysis of all investments both in ex-ante Due Diligence and in ex-post monitoring with a current extension to consider climate-related risks

Altamar Foundation

Corporate donation program

Premium partnership for supporting deprived children as well as several local initiatives 

Environmental Impact 

Sustainable and environmentally friendly offices. Currently working towards carbon footprint calculation and offsetting

Carbon neutrality agenda

Measurement of company’s carbon footprint and full compensation through investing in several climate projects since 2019

The integration of ESG criteria is an essential part of the group’s culture. Clear and transparent communication of our progress and achievements in this area is of vital importance in forging solid and lasting relationships with our investors.

We have created a true leading pan European private asset manager of scale