ESG at the core of
AltamarCAM's activity

We firmly believe that excellence in the performance of our business through active ESG policies is the best way to fulfil our commitment to investors and society.

ESG Strategy

This approach has been set out in a middle term ESG Strategy approved by the Board of Directors, which leverages technology and the different areas across the firm. The ESG Strategy is underpinned by four pillars covering from the ESG integration at the corporate level to the core investment activity of the group.

All of the above, allows us to improve the resilience of our business and the creation of long-term value for our investors, strengthening our role as a trusted advisor.
Integrating ESG Values and Sustainability

AltamarCAM has Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors at the core of its values and culture and strives to integrate them in all its activities. We work to consolidate best practices in sustainability across all areas of the firm, leveraging technology to achieve scalable processes aligned with top market standards.

This way we seek to become a trusted advisor for our clients and a driver of positive change in the financial sector and society, delivering long-term value to all our stakeholders.

Miguel Zurita, Managing Partner Co-Chair & Co-Head Private Equity & Chair of the ESG Committee

Miguel Zurita - Investment, PE (3)

ESG Organization and Governance

Our solid ESG governance model directly involves top management. Its structures, bodies and procedures enable the alignment of investors’ and regulators’ objectives with the firm’s strategy. The following levels comprise the ESG management structure: ESG Committee, ESG Team, and ESG Steering Group, all supported by ad hoc ESG task force teams.

AltamarCAM is firmly committed to the Paris Agreement and the EU Green Deal in the fight against Climate Change and is taking the required steps to become carbon neutral. Accordingly, we calculate and offset the Carbon Footprint (scopes 1, 2 and reduced scope 3) on a yearly basis. This commitment is also ratified through our public support and membership to top leading initiatives as TCFD,  IIGCC, and the iCI.

Best practices in talent management through professional development, training, and the incorporation of the values of respect, integrity, diversity and transparency across all areas of the organization. AltamarCAM is also  also an active member of Level20 Spain.

Our strategy and policies are aligned with the 2030 Agenda and with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An action framework based on the SDG Compass methodology has been defined, identifying priority SDGs for AltamarCAM. Additionally we contribute to a better society by multiplying positive impact in all locations through Fundacion Altamar.


External Commitment and Transparency

Altamar Capital Partners became a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) guidelines in 2016. Likewise, CAM Alternatives became a signatory of these guidelines in 2019. 

2023 has been the year in which, for the first time since the integration of Altamar and CAM, a single consolidated PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) report has been issued, covering activities up to 2023 and yielding exceptional results. AltamarCAM has achieved the maximum 5-star rating in all reported categories.


Sustainable and responsible investment as a driver of positive change in the industry and society

Responsible investment in action: Integration of sustainability criteria throughout the investment cycle

We ensure that ESG criteria are taken into account in 100% of investments across all asset classes, and we strive to promote awareness of ESG issues through engagement with General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs).


AltamarCAM has developed an exclusion policy1 that includes a list of restricted activities and sectors in which AltamarCAM does not wish to participate

Due Diligence

Engagement with underlying fund managers (GPs) and Funds ex-ante through the ESG DD Questionnaire to assess and evaluate the GP’s degree of commitment to SRI.


Review and incorporation of ESG aspects in legal documents and Side Letters, increasing the involvement of the ESG team in discussions.

Holding Period

Regular monitoring of the GPs through the asset-specific ESG Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ), utilizing a partially bottom-up and partially top-down approach.


Comprehensive assessment of the ESG performance of the fund until exit, including additional analysis or ad-hoc documents to meet investor requirements.

ESG in numbers
Years achieving Carbon Neutrality
Carbon Reduction Measures in the Climate Action Plan
Nationalities in the workforce
Percent of the newly appointed Partners in 2023 are female
Percent of the team has ESG Objectives
Funds registered under SFDR Article 8
Fund registered under SFDR Article 9
Percent of the new investments include ESG DD
Monitoring of AltamarCAM’s GPs’ Answers to the ESG DD Questionnaire
GPs that include ESG analysis during the DD
GPs that have clear ESG Objectives
GPs that are UN PRI Signatories

% In terms of aggregated AUMs; numbers as of December 2023

2023 ESG Awards & Recognitions
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