AltamarCAM is committed to the highest standards corporate governance

AltamarCAM is strongly involved in complying with the highest standards of Corporate Governance, in order to achieve the following objectives:

Have an optimal level of control within the organization

Enable timely decisions to be made

Minimize financial, regulatory and reputational risks

Corporate Governance Entities

  • The Board of Directors
  • Control Management Entities
  • Good Governance
The Board of Directors is the highest governing body and is at the top of the organization structure. It is formed by executive and non-executive directors to align the strategies and objectives of all the Group’s entities and monitor their results. Additionally, the Board is also responsible for the oversight of the ESG Strategy execution and approval of ESG strategic documents.

We have a Director Selection Policy based on a prior analysis of the needs of the Board of Directors, favouring diversity of knowledge and professional experience. The Board of Directors is responsible for defining the policies and procedures to be followed by the Group, through the following supervisory bodies:           

-Control and Supervision Committee   

-Talent Management Committee
-Internal Conduct Monitoring Body
-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention
-Partners Committee
-ESG Committee



The following boards have been created to uphold good corporate governance and transparency in the management of the investment vehicles managed by the Group:

– Annual General Meeting/Shareholders Meeting

– Supervisory Committee
– Investment Committee