Selecting the best investment opportunities

Our strategy is developed by combining primary fund investments, secondary market transactions, direct co-investment and platforms development.

Primaries, secondaries, co-investments, direct investments and platforms.

These activities are executed by our large, multinational and experienced investment team that is organized across the different private markets asset classes to maximize sector expertise while fostering mutual collaboration to capture the benefits of our platform.

It is at the core of our investment platform and evidences the superior returns and reduced volatility that we can find in private markets. We have developed a unique set of relationships and a reputation that grant us access to the best funds and investment opportunities. We build well diversified portfolios that deliver top risk adjusted returns by investing in leading established managers while being able to customize investment solutions for our clients needs capturing new opportunities.

Secondaries are a great way to accelerate capital deployment and mitigate the J Curve, being exposed to a shorter cycle while capturing the structural advantages that the secondary market offers to buyers. We favor investments where we can conduct in-depth analysis and due diligence of the assets we buy. We are not shy of complex situations that given their nature tend to be less competitive and allow us to through our exhaustive analysis identify risks, structure them so that we can mitigate them and acquire assets at attractive valuations.

Co investments allow us to invest our capital with full visibility on the assets acquired and enhance our returns through optimal selection of the assets. Our wide platform and breath of relationships provides us access to an abundant deal flow. Leveraging on our team, and the vast amount of information that our different investment activities generate we are in a position to identify and capture the best opportunities that are consistent with our DNA.

Our global investment reach allows us to identify secular tailwinds that can generate attractive returns to our investors.  We develop platforms, mainly In the Real Assets space, that through our active ownership and often in partnership with top managers and investors can capture this growth.