Creating long-term value for our clients by investing in great companies where our capital, expertise and global relationships drive transformation.

Specialized in
Asset Management

We offer unique access to a broad investment platform of Private Equity, Venture Capital, Life Sciences, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Private Debt assets, driving the ability to execute tailored and complex investment strategies.

Private Equity

We promote the growth of companies by boosting innovation, productivity, competitiveness and job creation, with an investment philosophy focused on obtaining “Alpha”.

Venture Capital

We drive innovation through various programs, investing in a selection of the best Venture Capital managers globally.

Life Sciences

We aim to promote the financing of the life sciences industry in Spain.

Real Estate

We take advantage of the extensive experience in Real Estate to create a balanced portfolio of funds and launch Real Assets platforms.


We invest in essential assets that are paramount for society and have stable and predictable cash flows.


We invest in credit assets granted by non-bank financial institutions through funds that combine liquid and illiquid strategies to achieve significant advantages.

Our Investment Programs