The Annual Report 2022 highlights the growth and excellent performance of the firm

Acces AltamarCAM Annual Report and its Flipbook

As Claudio Aguirre and Rolf Wickenkamp highlight in the Letter they share in this year´s Annual Report, in 2021 “the firm has pioneered one of the first cross-border transactions in Europe, successfully combining two leading local private markets asset manager firms into a true Pan European player with c.17 billion euros of capital committed by investors internationally”.

The report presents insights of “the extraordinary potential of the capital solutions platform we have built over the years” and of the firm´s “aim to continue developing its ambition to be a leading international player, with a strong local footprint in the relevant local markets”. In his letter, José Luis Molina describes AltamarCAM´s 2021 top five concepts in terms of “excellent performance, continued growth, increased digitalization,  enhanced technological development, successful integration between Altamar and CAM Alternatives and ESG achievement”, in a global framework in which “investments in private assets continued to grow, in spite of global challenges”.  

The report presents the firm´s product portfolio and performance, and gives a comprehensive overview of the investment solutions it provides to its clients, based in its extensive knowledge of the international private assets market, where it manages a range of strategies across six different asset classes. The document, which will be published in the coming days, provides information regarding the most relevant market trends and key performance indicators of each of the asset classes. The Advisory and Third Party Distribution businesses of AltamarCAM are also addressed in the Report, as well as the most relevant results of the ESG efforts of the firm and details regarding the Digital Transformation it is going through in order to improve customer experience and increase the efficiency of business processes without losing sight of security.

An overview of the top executive team of the firm, from the Investments areas to the IR and Client Solutions and organizational ones, is also included in the report.