Inverco report: AltamarCAM stands out in financial education and solidarity efforts

AltamarCAM, along with 38 other entities, has participated in the new report published by Inverco (the Spanish association of Asset and Pension Fund Managers) on financial education in 2020 and actions of solidarity related to Covid. The report gathers information on the activities of collective investment companies and pension funds, which account for 74.5% of assets under management in Spain. On the page dedicated to Altamar, the report outlines our initiatives to promote financial education and a more generalised knowledge of private assets through publications, webcasts, basic financial training and audiovisuals. It also reports on the activities carried out by forty of the firm’s volunteers to mitigate the effects of Covid on the most disadvantaged groups in the societies in which the firm operates.

AltamarCAM is firmly committed to improving the financial culture of the population in order to provide citizens with the necessary resources to face the new financial environment. In addition, the participation of a large number of Altamar employees in actions of solidarity during the COVID crisis reflects our commitment to participate in projects that add value to society.