AltamarCAM entities

AltamarCAM Partners operates through a wide network of companies: two Spanish collective investment fund managers (Altamar Private Equity and Altan Capital), a securities brokerage firm (Altamar Global Investments), a company dedicated to corporate advisory and merchant banking (Altamar Advisory Partners), several companies that provide investment advisory services in different asset classes (Galdana Ventures; Altamar Infraestructuras; Altamar Real Estate, Altamar Credit, Alta Life Sciences, Iris Ventures), a German alternative asset management company (CAM Alternatives GmbH), a subsidiary registered as an investment advisor in the United States (Altamar Partners North America LLC), a company engaged in providing administration services to investment vehicles (Altamar Fund Services) and other entities (in Spain, Germany, Chile and Luxembourg) that carry out activities complementary to the above.