AltamarCAM brought together more than 500 investors at its XIX Annual Meeting in Madrid

On June 19th, AltamarCAM Partners held its VII Global Private Asset Investment Day, which coincided with the XIX Annual Meeting of the AltamarCAM Partners Funds. The event was attended by the company’s top management and other key industry executives. More than 180 investors attended in person at UZalacain La Finca in Madrid, with an additional 325 participating remotely.

Claudio Aguirre, Executive Chairman of AltamarCAM, welcomed the audience with an overview of the company’s developments and highlights for 2023 and 2024. He noted that despite an environment of solid business performance, interest rates and inflation remained above desirable levels, though the outlook was relatively stable.

José Luis Molina, the firm’s Global CEO, analyzed the current situation and opportunities in private markets, highlighting the most promising investment strategies. Kurt Björklund, Managing Partner of Permira, shared the story of his firm, emphasizing their strategy of backing leading growth companies in a fireside chat along with José Luis Molina where they also reviewed leading  trends in private markets.

Miguel Zurita, Co-Head of Private Equity and Head of ESG at AltamarCAM, along with Jörg Höller, Chief ESG Officer, discussed ESG achievements and the benefits of implementing ESG criteria. They highlighted how these practices promote greater transparency, foster a defined corporate culture, and mitigate investment risks, resulting in better and more sustainable outcomes.

The event also featured a presentation by Bruno Gonzalez-Zorn, Head of the Antimicrobial Resistance Unit at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, who advocated for private investment in medical research. There was also an overview of the activities of Aliath Bioventures, AltamarCAM’s health impact investment platform, led by partner Montserrat Vendrell and Philippe Monteyne, Partner at Aliath Bioventures.

Peter Oppenheimer, Chief Global Equity Strategist & Head of Macro Research Europe at Goldman Sachs, reviewed cyclical and structural macro trends in the current market. He shared his views on the growing demand for corporate financing through non-listed loans.

José María Fernández and Rodrigo Echenique, Co-Heads of Debt at AltamarCAM, analyzed the current state of private debt. Miguel Zurita returned to the stage, joined by Derek Snyder, Partner in Private Equity, to discuss the most significant deals in the sector and examine the latest trends.

Marcel Rafart, Partner at Galdana Ventures, presented a current vision of venture capital and discussed the development of artificial intelligence within venture capital investment themes. Ignacio Antoñanzas, Co-Head of Real Assets (Infrastructure) at AltamarCAM, highlighted the need for private investment in infrastructure projects essential to societal functioning, often tied to recent structural changes.

Finally, Fernando Olaso, Co-Head of Real Assets (Real Estate) at AltamarCAM, discussed various sectors and themes in the real estate market, emphasizing those based on solid fundamentals.

The meeting concluded with remarks from Paloma Ybarra, Global Co-Chief Client Officer, who thanked the participants for attending and underscored the value of these events for sharing knowledge and strengthening relationships in the global private equity industry.