Altamar Capital Partners and CAM Alternatives agree to merge their businesses to create a pan-European private asset manager

  • The organisation resulting from this combination will have €14.0b in AUM
  • Diversified client base and access to a complete product and service platform
  • Further international growth opportunity; large investment team with global presence

Altamar Capital Partners and CAM Alternatives have agreed to merge their businesses to create an independent partner-led pan-European private asset manager and solutions provider with over €14b in assets under management to be named Altamar CAM Partners S.L. Both firms share a similar culture, vision and values based on a strong commitment to sustainability and have a solid and longstanding relationship.

The organisation resulting from this combination, which will have presence in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia will be co-chaired by Claudio Aguirre and Rolf Wickenkamp and managed by a joint and experienced Executive Committee. José Luis Molina and Andreas Schmidt will lead the businesses in Spain and Germany, respectively. The global team will comprise 220 employees, including more than 70 investment professionals.

Clients of the combined entity will have access to a complete product, service and technology platform across asset classes (Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Private Credit and Life Sciences), strategies (primaries, secondaries and co-investments), as well as customisation and structuring options (from commingled funds to SMAs). The combined client base will consist of both institutional investors as well as private high net worth individuals and family offices.

The combined entity will also represent a stronger and more relevant investor for the General Partners they work with and will become a larger Limited Partner in their funds.

Claudio Aguirre, Chairman, Co-CEO and Founding Partner of Altamar Capital Partners: “We have worked with CAM alternatives for more than eleven years, and share a long-term, trusting partnership. With a larger combined organisation, we will be able to create efficiencies, improve results for our clients and increase our visibility in front of GPs and LPs. The combined entity will have an excellent geographic footprint and be better positioned for further international expansion.”

Dr. Rolf Wickenkamp, Co-CEO and Founding Partner of CAM Alternatives: “We are delighted with the combination of CAM Alternatives’ and Altamar Capital Partners’ businesses, which comes with considerable advantages for both our clients and our employees. By joining forces we are not only expanding our portfolio of asset classes and investment solutions, but also the international presence of CAM Alternatives. Altamar is a very successful private markets manager, with whom we have had a close relationship for many years. The mutual trust, vision and values we share are a great starting point for an exciting future together”.

Both Altamar and CAM work with a wide range of client types (insurance companies, pension funds, savings banks, mutual banks, family offices, private wealth managers, etc.) and know how to cater for their jurisdictionally specific servicing requirements. This transaction will allow both entities to further expand their product, service and technology know-how internationally.