Altamar Foundation sponsors, once again, the most inclusive event in Madrid

AltamarCAM employees and more than 1.500 people ran together to support the inclusion of disabled people in the most integrating race in Madrid, sponsored, amongst others, by Altamar Foundation. Organized by  Fundación Mapoma and Fundación Tambien on Sunday, November 7th, the event was 100% inclusive: runners, families and children with disabilities participated in the race with their handbikes, athletic chairs, wheelchairs… and ran either 10, 5 or 1 km.

The main sponsor and face of the race, Irene Villa, fired the starting shot along with Teresa Perales, the most awarded Paralympic medallist worldwide, who has recently received the “Princess of Asturias Award for Sports”, and who enjoyed a day of solidarity in favor of adapted sport.

The funds raised are destined to programs organized by Fundación También, to support the inclusion of people with disabilities and promote education in values through adapted and fun sport.